What Makes Us Special

Genuine Love

special-1At Best Friends we truly love to work with pets – all kinds, breeds, sizes, shapes, and ages. Both doctors and all the staff have been devoted animal fans since way back – we just can’t help it. When you bring us your cat, dog, puppy, kitten, or ferret you will see that we love them like you do. We notice the softness of their fur, the length of their whiskers, their beautiful markings, their personality, their charm, and find their favorite spot to scratch. We give them the time to relax and cooperate for their exams, not just tolerate it. We gain their trust and get to know their quirks, and they get to know that going to the vet is not so bad, after all.


As a pet parent you will always know your pet best! So we listen carefully and patiently while asking pertinent questions about what you have observed. You will never feel rushed during your time with the doctor.


special-3Our veterinarians have the expertise you need for your pet with nearly 30 years of collective clinical experience in all aspects of veterinary care including medicine, surgery, dentistry and emergencies. When advanced diagnostic testing or second opinions are essential, our doctors will consult with internists and ultrasound specialists at our office, or perhaps refer you and your pet to a specialist.


There are always choices to make regarding healthcare with pros and cons to each choice. Your concerns are ours, and together we will discuss and address them. We partner with you to guide your decisions at our office, or if your pet was referred to a specialist. Like a true best friend we will be there for your pet when you need us. Outside of business hours your calls are forwarded directly to a doctor, not a mailbox or answering service.

Beauty and Style

special-4These may not be words you think about when choosing a veterinary office. But at BFVC, our clients love the look of our new, beautiful, spacious and comfortable practice. The bright colors and artwork create an inviting and upbeat feel to our space. The large waiting area offers plenty of distance between pets while basking in the warmth of the sun in our entirely glass storefront. The attention given to the details of our practice’s design is the same attention paid to every detail of your pet’s care.

Client Comfort

At Best Friend’s Veterinary Care you will be greeted by a friendly staff and invited to relax and help yourself to our hospitality center. You will find a variety of refreshments from an energizing cup of coffee to a relaxing herbal tea, and of course, juices and snacks for the kids. We strive to make your visit to us an enjoyable one!

You will find cushioned seating with separate waiting areas for felines and canines. To ensure your brief wait time will be a pleasant one we have provided a large flat screen television with HiDefinition Cablevision, WiFi service, and a children’s play area. If needed, there is a private restroom for clients just off the waiting room which includes a baby changing station in order to make certain our smallest visitors are comfortable too.

Examination Rooms

special-6Our state-of-the-art practice features spacious examination rooms with quiet lift tables so your pet can be examined at precisely the right height and comfort for him or her and the doctor. A relaxed pet allows for the most thorough examination from nose to tail so no issue will be overlooked. Each exam room is networked with the hospital computer system allowing us instant access to your pet’s laboratory testing, x rays, and medical history.

Should your pet stay with us

Whenever a pet may need to be hospitalized we understand the concern and anxiety this causes for pet’s family. We will update you frequently while your pet is in our care. We also encourage you to contact us whenever you like, how ever many times you like, to check on your pet’s status. If texted or emailed updates are preferred to calls, please inform our staff and every accomodation will be made. We know just how important it is to keep in constant contact with you about your pet’s condition while they are away from home.

To provide maximum comfort for your pet we house dogs and cats in separate rooms. We have anticipated the need for all sizes including very large breeds of dogs. All pets are placed in the largest safe space available with ample, comfortable bedding. All sick pets (non-contagious) and immediate post-operative patients stay in our treatment room in full and constant view of our staff and veterinarians.

After Hours

A true Best Friend will always be there for you and so will we. Our clients know this is not just what we do, it is who we are . If you need an after hours consultaion just dial our number and follow the voice prompts. We will be in touch soon. Please do not delay seeking care in the event of an extreme emergency.

Important note: As a “day practice” we do not hospitalize any critically ill patients inside our facility after hours. We know it is not in your pets’ best interest. If your pets’ condition requires round-the-clock care we will advise you of this well in advance. Please refer to our section under “Emergency Care” to help you choose your preferred after hours or critical care facility. This is a complete list of all veterinary practices in Nassau and Suffolk providing overnight care in fully staffed facility. Most families prefer to transfer their own pet, however, Ambuvet is a pet ambulance service privately operated on Long Island. 1-800-262-8838 www.ambuvet.com.

The Comfort Room

Whether you are waiting for the veterinarian to perform surgery, visiting your sick pet, or to saying goodbye to your trusted friend, we provide a unique and private place called The Comfort Room. Inside our Comfort Room you will find a quiet and peaceful space much like the ones we enjoy in our own homes. We have furnished this room with a couch, gentle lighting, and smaller details that remove that feeling of a “hospital” setting. It is a living room right here at the hospital and provides a wonderful place to spend time with your pet while they are under our care. The doctor will visit with you and your family to make certain your questions are answered, then give you private time to visit – as long as you would like. We have provided a desk and WiFi access so you can bring a laptop to download your favorite movie, or catch up on some work.

When the time comes…In this special room we try to make this very difficult task of saying goodbye a bit easier for you, your pet, and your family. To help you with your decision we will discuss the process entirely and answer all questions you may have. You will know exactly what to expect. Afterwards, you and your family may spend as much time as you need with your pet. We have provided a private exit so you may leave in peace without having to return through the public areas of the hospital.

Best Friends Veterinary Care
145 Smithtown Boulevard
Nesconset, New York, 11767

Phone: 631-656-5990