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3 Cold Weather Hazards and Prevention Tips

New York winters are beautiful, but they also can be dangerous for pets. Pets are resilient, but their fur coats are no match for the season’s severe temperatures. Enjoy the cold weather with your furry friend while taking precautions to keep them safe and warm. Our team at Best Friends Veterinary Care has simple tips [...]

4 Ways You Can Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

Pets have short life-spans compared with humans, but what if you could add years to your pet’s life? You can! Our Best Friends Veterinary Care team explains ways you can improve your pet’s health and wellbeing and prolong their life. #1: Schedule regular veterinary wellness visits for your pet Your pet’s ancestors had to hide [...]

How To Manage Your Pet’s Weight

For decades, human obesity has been a major health issue, and the condition is becoming increasingly common in pets. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) estimates that nearly 54% of U.S. cats and dogs are overweight or obese, and this figure is rising. Many factors contribute to pet obesity, including overfeeding, lack of exercise, [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Cat and Dog Vaccinations

You are likely familiar with your pet receiving their rabies vaccine, which most U.S. states require to protect people and animals alike from this life-threatening disease. However, you may be unfamiliar with the vaccines available to safeguard your cat and dog against other infectious diseases. Read our Best Friends Veterinary Care team’s guide to learn [...]

Aging Gracefully: Treating Arthritis In Pets

Some pets will naturally “slow down” as they mature, preferring to spend more time relaxing near family and less time playing with toys and getting the “zoomies.” Many pets also develop arthritis as they age, which can be another reason behind their decreased activity levels. Determining whether your pet has simply matured, or they are [...]

Cool Cats, Not Hot Dogs: Pet Heat Safety

The heat brings serious health risks for pets, but Best Friends Veterinary Care wants your pets to be cool cats—and dogs—rather than hot dogs—and cats—this summer. Read on to learn how to keep your pets safe in the summer heat and sun. Heat stress risk factors for pets When the summer heat strikes, prevent pet [...]

Traveling With Your Pet? Here’s What Not To Do

So, you finally decided to book that long overdue vacation and thought, “What better companion for a getaway than my best furry friend?” Traveling with your pet can be a great idea, so long as you consider all the pros and cons. At Best Friends Veterinary Care, we know a thing or two about traveling [...]

5 Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Allergies in Pets

As warmer weather encourages plants to begin their mad growth spurt, pollen fills the air, and makes many allergy sufferers miserable. Sneezing and rubbing at itchy, red, watery eyes is the norm for people who have a seasonal allergy to the many pollen types that appear during the spring growing season. And, your furry pal [...]

5 Essential Facts About Heartworm Disease in Pets

According to the American Heartworm Society, more than one million pets in the United States are diagnosed with heartworm disease each year. This deadly but preventable disease has been confirmed in all 50 states, spreading beyond its once southern borders and expanding north and westward. This growing threat is most likely caused by the transportation [...]

Out of Sight, Out of Paw: What Common Pet Toxins to Hide

March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month, which is a reminder that your pet’s inquisitive nature can be a recipe for disaster as they explore all the surprisingly dangerous substances in your home, garage, and yard. Our team at Best Friends Veterinary Care is on a mission to help prevent common pet poisonings, by urging [...]

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