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5 Easy Ways to Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Life

As you look at your tubby tabby lounging in the windowsill, you probably think your cat has the life—every day they have a full food dish, endless cat naps, and a handy servant who scratches behind their ears. Your feline friend may appear content, but as time goes on, they pack on the pounds and [...]

Taking Care of Your Senior Pet’s Health

Remember the early days when your pet was full of mischief and questions? Life becomes calmer as they mellow over time, and your bond grows deeper and stronger. However, your pet’s senior phase can bring new concerns about their health. Senior pets tend to have similar problems as senior humans, but aren’t as good at [...]

7 Fun Facts About Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Perhaps you know that Best Friends Veterinary Care offers holistic care for your pets, including acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) practices. But do you know how they can benefit your pet? Or what they entail? Read on for some fascinating tidbits about this alternative treatment style, and how our veterinary team uses [...]

5 Ways to Choose a Healthy Diet for Your Pet

We are asked all the time in our hospital, “What is the best food to feed my pet?” Unfortunately, the question may be common, but finding the right answer is difficult. When choosing a healthy diet for your pet, there is no one perfect food. Over time, your pet’s nutritional needs will change, and what [...]

Welcome Home: Your First Year With Your New Puppy

Is anything more exciting than bringing home a new bundle of fluff? We don’t think so. But, while welcoming home a new puppy is a wonderful experience, your pup will need special care during the first year. By focusing on the following six areas, you will start your pup off right, and help them turn [...]

An In-Depth Look at Veterinary Dental Care for Your Pet

Many people don’t know all that occurs when their pet receives professional dental care, which may lead to fear and reluctance to schedule this important procedure. As a result, many pets do not receive the help for their mouths they so desperately need. Since pets naturally conceal their pain and illness signs in early stages [...]

Itching is in the Air: 7 Answers to Questions About Your Pet’s Atopy

Atopy, also known as inhalant allergy, is the second most common type of pet allergy. Similar to hay fever in people, atopy affects allergic pets through inhaled allergens. If your pet has an inhalant allergy, you likely have many questions about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of this occasionally frustrating condition. Here are the answers [...]

6 Facts About Coronaviruses and Pets

The novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19, is sweeping the globe, causing tension and uncertainty during this unprecedented time. While we all learn to navigate this new reality, we naturally feel a bit anxious. One thing you can rest easy about, however, is the safety of your pets with regard to COVID-19. Continue reading [...]

5 Tips to Help Your Pet Beat July Fourth Fears

As summer settles in, you’re likely looking forward to the highlight of the season—July Fourth. This year’s celebration will probably look a little different than years past. Instead of large picnics, followed by a loud fireworks display, most people plan to stay home with a few family members to enjoy a low-key Independence Day. Many [...]

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