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Gabrielle Sferrazza

Gabrielle "Gabby" Sferrazza Attended school at: William Floyd My degree is in: Progress. I plan to enroll shortly in Veterinary Technology (Nursing) School. I have special interest in: Dealing with difficult patients - reading a pet's body language and demeanor, and proceeding to work with them accordingly. I whole-heartedly believe that with patience, a gentle [...]

Brandon Hepler

Attended school at: University of New Haven My degree is in: Biology – and my plan is to attend veterinary school! I have special interest in: Exotic animals and big cats. Favorite things: Spending time with family and friends, Football, big German Shepherds and Huskies. My pets: Goose - an anole (a type of lizard) [...]

Madison Levine

Attended school at: SUNY - Oneonta My degree is in: Biology with a pre-vet concentration. Presently in school for my degree as a Veterinary Technician (Vet Nurse) I have special interest in: Parasitology and Cytology (the study of cells). Favorite things: Going to the gym, Dog walking, Horror Movies, My water bottle. What is it [...]

Theresa Glaviano

Attended school at: Eastern Suffolk BOCES Animal Behavior College My degree is in: Dog Training, Basic Veterinary Care & Veterinary Assistance I have special interest in: Senior dogs Favorite things: Adventures with my dogs, spending quality time with family, and watching anime. My pets: 3 dogs: Victoria (aka Taterbug /Potato) - a lab mix, Nanika [...]

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