Joined BFVC: 2017

Attended school at: Southern Gentleman University in Houndlandia. Graduated top dog in his class!

My degree is in: Napping in the sun.

I have advanced training, certification, or special interest in: Running away from scary (all) things

Favorite things: Naps, Peanut butter, Seltzer bottles, Sun bathing nude, Cookies

What is it like working at BFVC: Sam says it’s cool working at BFVC! He sleeps in a private tent in dad’s office. The ladies up front give him cookies!

What makes for a great day at work? “Any day that I don’t get a bath, my ears cleaned, or my toenails clipped. It’s all about the cookies!” Sam wants to share that despite his rugged and handsome appearance, he is made for a life of luxuriating and not hunting. He is scared of basically everything but cookies and snuggles.